Kappa Sigma Lethbridge
Kappa Sigma Lethbridge
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Message from the President 2019

Dear Esteemed Visitor, 
    My name is Alexander Dalrymple. It is my pleasure and honor to be the Grand Master and President of the Omicron Xi chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, here at the University of Lethbridge. Thank you for taking the time to visit. I hope you will find information and inspiration while you browse. Our prime goal is to create model gentlemen in character whilst also having all members maintain a proficient academic standing. We are looking forward to this year's rush seasons, hoping they will be the most fruitful to date. Welcoming new members, building their foundations, and, giving them the opportunities to flourish is what we pride ourselves on. If you find yourself with an interest of pledging to the fraternity we kindly implore you to come visit us in the UHall Atrium for more information. If you are hesitant or find yourself with a negative outlook on fraternities please give us the chance to offer a new perspective. I hope that myself, my capable team of executives, and, all of our members can introduce you to the best years of your life. Thank you for your time and consideration. Warm regards,

 Alexander Dalrymple


Without a sense of brotherhood between members there would be no basis to support the other three pillars. Our dedication to the betterment of ourselves and also the betterment of our trusted peers is integral. We hope you will find people you can truly call, "brother," here at Kappa Sigma.


Kappa Sigma strives to present it's members with leadership opportunities. Many positions in our Omicron Xi Chapter have responsibilities  associated with it becoming of a leader. They range greatly in terms of time requirement and dedication. This allows for a ramping process if you desire such an opportunity.


A Kappa Sigma brother's first priority should be his education. We enforce a minimum GPA requirement upon our brothers and push them to succeed in the education institution we all attend.


Community Service is a significant and notable part of the performance of a Kappa Sigma. Whether the event be personal fundraising, external fundraising, or non-profit community service,  a Kappa Sigma will offer their time to the cause.