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Kappa Sigma Lethbridge
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Message from the President 2018

Hello Potential New Members and Guests,

 Thank you for taking the time to visit our Omicron-Xi Kappa Sigma Fraternity website. I hope any questions you may have can be answered from your exploration but if not, feel free to contact us so that we may assist you to our best abilities. To all interested members allow me to offer insight as to how the fraternity can work in conjunction with your education and betterment as a man. A frequent question that I am asked is, “Why did you join a fraternity,” most commonly my answer is grounded in the connections that have been built while I have attended the university. Kappa Sigma implores its members to embody the four pillars of Scholarship, Leadership, Fellowship and Service I their daily lives. Our priority is the academic success of our members and in addition, we provide students with the opportunity to volunteer and give back to this great community of Lethbridge. Kappa Sigma builds connections on and off campus. These networks can be very useful as you progress through life and into matured adulthood. From building relationships, lifelong friends, and future job opportunities, our network has never been stronger. I can also say from my own experiences that Kappa Sigma has been the best way to fulfill leadership goals that I have. I hope our rush team will be able to inform you to a greater degree and interest you in joining our prestigious organization and the network and family that is Greek life.

Jordan Miles


Omicron-Xi Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity


Kappa Sigma prides itself and it's members on our four founding pillars, Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, & Service. We hope to embody these four pillars in everything we do. Becoming the best men we can be and giving back to the community should be the principal driving force for all of our university men. We are a prideful band of brothers and without the concept and practice of fellowship we would crumble.


Kappa Sigma as an organization and as a club on campus strives to offer leadership opportunities to our brothers so that they may strive to become better men. Several executive and chair positions reside in every fraternity, these positions will test brothers on their ability to manage tasks, individuals and groups.


A Kappa Sigma brother's first priority should be his education. We enforce a minimum GPA requirement upon our brothers and push them to succeed in the education institution we all attend.


Community Service is a significant and notable part of the performance of a Kappa Sigma. Whether the event be personal fundraising, external fundraising, or non-profit community service,  a Kappa Sigma will offer their time to the cause.