I'm Sold, How Do I Sign Up? 
First, you submit your information to us. If you have shown interest in us and we are interested in you, you will be offered a bid. You can decline if you are not interested in joining, but accepting makes you a pledge.

What is a Pledge?
A pledge is an associate member of the fraternity. Pledges go through the pledge process to fulfill their requirements of becoming a brother.

What Happens During The Pledge Period? 

You will learn Kappa Sigma's history, traditions, and values. Pledges will have the opportunity to attend our meetings so you can get familiar with all of the brothers and how our fraternity works. Pledges are encouraged to come out to all our events and participate with us as much as possible. At the end of the pledge period, you are then initiated and become a full member of the fraternity.

How Long is Kappa Sigma's Pledge Period?
Kappa Sigma has a 60 day pledge period. You may pledge in the beginning of the Fall or Spring semesters.

Will I Be Hazed?
Kappa Sigma has a national anti-hazing policy. Our pledge program is free of hazing of any sort and we discourage any type of behavior.

What Is Kappa Sigma Looking For?
We are devoted to finding men who will enhance and improve our brotherhood. If you are committed to participating in our fraternal activities, chapter meetings, community service projects, and leadership programs, we are looking for you.

I Still Have More Questions 
If you have any further questions about rushing the Kappa Sigma chapter in Lethbridge, or about fraternity life in general, contact us here.